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RAGGA LOX new single CLIMBING (reviews)

Some of the things music industry professionals are saying about "CLIMBING". the smashing new single and title track from the now available new album from RAGGA LOX - CLIMBING

Harmonia MX Media Outlet Mexico

Hello Ragga Lox, thank you so much for sharing with us your music. We are big fans of your style, we can listen to all the inspirations that made this track awesome.

Pinkturban Label, Mentor, Playlist Curator, Publisher, Sync Supervisor·United States

Hey Ragga, thanks for sending this in for feedback! Really like the vibe of the track. Your cadence and lyrics are fantastic. I do think the drums can punch a little harder but just a little. Clean mix and master, if I had a playlist that was Reggae I would definitely add it. much love

ELITEMIND Management Manager·United States

Love the message, lyrics in this song. As a Reggae lover, the music matched with the catchy chorus, flow and harmonies qualifies it to be added to my Groover playlist that I will be promoting soon. I would love to hear more music #KeepGoon - Mello

Música Brasileira Viva Journalist·BrazilI really enjoyed this reggae vibe, with beautiful vocals and different instrumentation. It's not MBV's focus, but I'll post it on my personal networks.

Radiolovestars Radio Station·France

Bonsoir, Une musique ragga qui nous améne du soleil dans les oreilles. Faites nous parvenir votre titre pour une diffusion sur la radio.

(Ragga Music that brings sunshine to our ears. Send us your title for a broadcast on the radio)

Mazacote Music (Richie inthehouse) Media OutletPuerto Rico


(I like. Avery original combination of Dancehall, Reggae with Salsa. A very good video also.)

Zero Crossing Records Sound Expert·Italy

Wow...what a nice vibe in this tune! I really enjoyed it. The sound is almost perfect, the only thing that I can say is the instruments sounds...especially the snare and the's a little bit too digital you know... I would have chosen a different sample...but man, it's really a nice easy listening tune, my congrats for that! I will share it in my fresh releases spotify playlist ;)

D'Riddim Playlist Curator·Spain

Firstly, I want to acknowledge the unique fusion of Dancehall and Latin influences in your song's instrumental production. The incorporation of Latin elements adds a fresh and vibrant twist to the traditional Dancehall sound, creating an engaging musical backdrop. Additionally, the lyrics are well-crafted and convey a compelling message, which is an essential aspect of any successful song. Your ability to deliver meaningful content enhances the overall appeal of the track.

Publicatubeat Publisher·United States

Spanish: Su canción es bastante melódica y armoniosa, su esencia es muy alegre y optimista. Excelente mezcla y mastering, excelente trabajo de voces, gran producción musical. Felicitaciones por su trabajo realizado!

(His song is quite melodic and harmonious. Its. essence is very happy and optimistic. Excellent mixing and amstering, excellent voice work, great musical production. Congratulations on your work done.)

Debocha Regueiro laylist Curator·Brazil

😏🔥Hello Ragga Lox, how are you? I loved your track, the beat bringing the vibe of Pop/ Reggae music The mixing is also very good.

Melantronic at Colorful Radio Radio Station·United States

Peace! Thanks for reaching out and sending this record. Love the vibes here. Will add it to a playlist and look to play it on my show within the next month. Never stop creating and good luck on this record!

La Chica Nueva Radio Station·Israel

Hi, thanks for sending this tune. It has a great mix of Latin and dancehall grooves. Simple, but effective. I'd like to feature this on one of my upcoming playlists. Thanks again and all the best.


bonjour, merci pour votre démo, nous l'avons écouté avec attention. C'est un très beau track bravo bien chanté ! et bien produit.

(Hello, thanks you for your demo, we listed to it very carfully. Its a very nice track bravo well sung and well produced.)

Indimore Music Label·United States

What stands out on this track is 1/ its vibe and 2/listening to a seasoned reggae pro and 3/its infectious positive message. It's a unique combo of latin percussion and roots reggae that catches your attention.

MoochilaTv Media Outlet·Argentina

hello Ragga Lox, how are you? nice track we just added to our reggae & afro playlist and very soon we are gonna promote it in all our platforms.

Entretetizei Media Outlet·Brazil

I loved the song. It's very exciting and it makes us feel lik dancing. I will share it on a list of recent releases. Congrats!

Reggae Es Vida Radio Radio Station·Chile

Hello! Thank you for sending us your song, we had not had the opportunity to hear you and we thought your proposal was very good, it even sounds Latino and we really like that, more coming from an artist with Jamaican descent, besides that it sounds very good, good production behind . We are going to add you to the playlist created on YouTube.

Rhythm Passport edia Outlet·United Kingdom

Nice nice vibes, thank you for the submission. We can surely include the track in our playlists in the next few days

Groove it Playlist Curator·United States

Amazing talent, what a great achievement and melodic success. accompanied by a lush and soft melody that carries me away a lot. really melancholy. sung greatly, above all very well oriented and organized in his meaningful words. Congratulation

Liliana Ramírez Journalist·Colombia

Dear Ragga Lox, I couldn't help but reach out to express my sheer excitement after immersing myself in the dynamic fusion of dancehall and Latin music that your recent track, 'Climbing,' exudes. The synergy between these genres is nothing short of electric and incredible; it ignites an irresistible urge to join the party and embrace the exuberance from the very first note. Delving into your career, I was struck by the impressive trajectory you've carved. Personally, I find your approach to crafting reggae to be refreshingly distinctive, bearing a unique touch that seamlessly weaves in elements of soul and rock and roll. This amalgamation brings a refreshing twist to the genre. It's evident that I'm in the presence of a master within your realm, and stumbling upon your music has been an enriching discovery that has left me genuinely delighted. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing your incredible music with me. Your songs have truly brightened my day.

Warm regards, Liliana

Pérola Mathias Journalist·Brazil

Climbing is a clear result of Ragga Lox's years making music. Groovy, dancing, well recorded with a great production. Why not play it all the time? I love that the song mixes raggae, dancehall and hip hop.

FM 7 Journalist·Chile

siempre resulta grato escuchar una visita a este estilo de vida y sonidos que invitan a la reflexión con ritmo y música que acompaña de gran forma la voz y el mensaje.


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